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Now showing in the Dingding cinema: Alien invasions and road crossing chickens...

Welcome Educators!

This is where you can browse, download or print the many National Curriculumn friendly resources that DingDing make freely available to you. Print it out, reuse and photocopy all you need!

All of the lessonplans make part or complete use of the games featured in the main kids section of the website. The games are designed to illustrate, model or aid learning in conjunction with the lessonplans and are white board friendly

New Embed Feature

You can now take away part of DingDing for your own school website or blog. Just find the game you want to use and scroll down so you can see the ‘Embed this game’ button. If you click that button a pop-up will appear giving you the embed code for you to copy and paste into your own website or blog. Easy.


To celebrate the launch of all our new modules, we invited pupils to enter our Design a Ticket competition, and have a chance to win some great prizes. Those prizes have now been awarded and we've uploaded the winners online in the gallery. Take a peek here.

We're also busy scanning in over 150 of the shortlisted entrants from over 3000 entries and uploading those into the gallery too. Have a search for one of you entrants using our new search feature. You can even send gallery links to pupils if you wish.

New Gallery Feature

A new feature with this relaunch of DingDing lets you showcase your classes' work in the DingDing Gallery module.

You can upload scanned or digital camera images and artwork, organise them into galleries and display your learners' work instantly online. To get started, pick 'Your Galleries' tab above.. and let them experience online fame!

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