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Ticketing Special Extras

We've produced lots of background resources to support you in the 'Ticket to Ride' module.

Whatever subject you're teaching, from Art and Design to Geography, there's written creative briefs, layered Photoshop files, marketing briefs, bus nets, and more - all designed to give you flexibility in how you teach.

Even better, you can now post your classes' work online in the DingDing Gallery. Click here to find out more.

To read or print documents in PDF format, you may need to download Adobe Reader from (off-site link). The DOC format requires Microsoft Word, MS Word Vewer or compatible software. To use PSD files, you will need either Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro or compatible software.

Cut & Build Models

Bus nets to print out, colour, decorate, customise or to use as a stimulus for student model design

Layered Photoshop files

Real busses and backgrounds just waiting for you to add your scanned or digital artwork, and distort to fit.

Extra Resources

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